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My personal philisophy involves treating everyone fairly and respectfully. Most people return the favor. For those who don't. . . it says nothing about me. Always learn from your mistakes and move on. Count your blessings.

Aside from my family, church, and friends, my passions include music, football, and privacy policy. Perhaps since I've been responsible for maintaining the privacy and integrity of many hundreds of thousands of confidential records, I feel a religious obligation to do so with with fervor, and expect others to do so as well. It truly disturbs me to see confidential information mishandled, from people in doctor's offfices violating doctor-patient confidentiality to data brokers selling identity information to con artists. See Craig Herberg -- ID Theft and National Security for an example of this philisophy. Also see Major Security Failures in Today's Market.

Professionally, I am an Independent Computer Consultant, and I provide onsite computer services for individuals and very small businesses, and security awareness training and information policy consulting for any size organization. I hold a trademark for Technology Frustration Remediation®. My professional web site is    Here are some endorsements. I also happen to be a songwriter and recording artist. People who know me recognize my goofy sense of humor, and either laugh at or complain about My Dumb Jokes. My apologies to people in the latter category.

Other fun web sites of mine include:

  •, an online t-shirt site with the inane stated philisophy that "Donuts will get you through times with no money better than money will get you through times with no donuts."

  • and, sites that pretends to be an online technical support resource, but is actually a bunch of audio skits with terrible advice. Some of these skits are close to the advice that people sometimes receive. You just may recognize some of the scenarios. I won't name names. . .
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